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At enchantments, we are dedicated to growing our spiritual community and serving as a premier provider of intuitive and holistic services for the Brooklyn area. 
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"Brooklyn is the next spiritual mecca."
What's happening at enchantments
Monthly Reiki Circle
Come share your light with others -- gain some hands-on practice; receive healing from others; and gain exposure to reiki if you are curious about this healing modality. Meets monthly on Wednesdays. Next Mtg: July 6, 6:30-8 PM. RSVP with adriadc@sevendirectionsjourneys.com.

We also offer Reiki I ($170) and II ($180) certification classes. Next workshops: TBD. To pay/register, please go to pay and register, contact
Reiki Certification Courses
Grounding into Ascension
​This class will be a teaching sharing series of meditations, groundings and other exercises to help you on your own journey. As multi-dimensional beings we need to nourish every part of ourselves. Grounding is often overlooked and undervalued. 
This class is highly recommended if you:
* Feel unsettled,
* Have anxiety,
* Want to learn to ground (and how that feels)
* Have an ongoing spiritual journey that you want support for,
* Or just want to find some peace.
For those who believe that there is no special sauce...just work to be done.

The series will provide a context for personal process and self-healing work as stepping stones (but be careful not to be addicted to it or stuck there!), as well as discussions on "accessing guidance" and checking for integrity of the info, to what it means in practical terms to be a spiritual being having a human experience.

So of course, that opens the door to various sub-topics such as:

*How to know if you're channeling accurate info, or if you are really channeling internal guidance at all? (How not to give your power away.)  

*Is Earthing and communing with nature all that its cracked up to be, and how to do it in NYC in rush-hour?!  

We are hoping that a sense of family and belonging will develop as we go, and even better yet, that folks will just be more at ease with themselves, living from self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and non-judgment instead of some idea of what that should be.

Judgement free zone! Su. Date TBD. $99 per workshop. RSVP with Yuk Yee Li-Downs, wyldwon@gmail.com. For more information and to pay, click on the clouds icon on the upper left for more details.
Drunvalo Melchizedek's meditation workshop resumes in June. 
RAluca Heim leads a workshop on getting into your light body and opening your heart. Next Mtg: July 28-31. RSVP and pay in cash or money order to heimraluca@yahoo.com. for more details see www.hypnotherapydiscoveryou.com.
Awakening of the Illuminated Heart (ATIH)