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Astrological Chart or Tarot Readings
enchantments Services
Energy Work (aura cleansing/balancing, blockage removal)
Placement Consultations
Astrology offers the blueprint for an individual's purpose. It is calculated for the exact time. Get an in-store or phone reading. Or purchase a written report (personality, future transits or love) for $55 each.
$ 60 per 20 minutes; $185 for an hour
enchantments is a clean, calm, welcoming shop for visitors and Mystical Travelers alike. We provide an affordable, quaint meditation retreat for weary souls.

We provide a variety of services including:
By contacting the body's primary centers of energy, and connecting points of polarity, the natural flow of vitality is balanced and strengthened. Our healing center offers a healing where Crystal Bowl vibrational sound is employed.
$ 125-210, depending on service; ask for package specials 
Ignite your life, business & property with Feng Shui tips and colors. We also make custom lamp sets for the home or office; for nurseries and playrooms; for industrial use, such as in spas and yoga studios; for spiritual house cleaning.
$ 150 per plan
NLP/Hypnosis Sessions
Break an addiction, lose weight, improve your self-confidence, remove phobias, understand yourself. 
 $135 per hour
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Aura Readings
By appointment only

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